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Established · 1952 ·





At Little America, the shades of fall are starting to unfold across our property’s beautiful, shady acres. As the oasis of Western Wyoming, our trees carry an extra special distinction for those on the road and for those who choose to rest a little longer among the comfort of our accommodations. These trees cover all our playground and basketball court, our travel center, and decorate the walkways between our hotel lodges. 

They bring a special autumnal warmth to the Little America RV Park. Whether gathering around your parking spot’s fire pit with your loved ones or grilling up fresh food unlike anywhere else on the open road, our fall colors add a cozy dimension to your RV adventures. 

Flavors of Fall at Lobby Bar

Best of all, whether staying in the RV Park, taking a short rest from the road, or staying as our hotel guest, all are welcome to enjoy made-from-scratch meals served fresh at Lobby Bar. Get a taste of warm fall flavors, and bring a little bit of the outdoors in with our elevated Elk Burger or Buffalo Burger. Top it all off with a refreshing beer or–a delicious hallmark of the season–a slice of warm, homemade apple pie. 

Fall into Comfort

The shades of fall are also reflected in our spacious and comfortable hotel guest rooms. Particularly in the golden ochres of our handcrafted furnishings, and in the hand-selected patterns of our bed shirts and drapes. Take a moment to rest and unwind, no matter the length of your stay. Even better, our walk out balconies and floor-to-ceiling windows will allow you to let the changing colors in as you relax in the comfort of your oasis from the road. 

A Little Tradition in Every Season

No matter the season of your stop, you can’t leave Little America without enjoying one of our iconic 75 cent ice cream cones. When it comes to a classic tradition as delicious as this, it’s easy to understand that our ice cream is for every season.