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Established · 1952 ·

Memories for the making.

Celebrate American traditions every season

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A road trip tradition.

Sandwiches, salads,and 75¢ ice cream cones

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Wyoming's famous oasis.

Smoothing out road trips all year long

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Rooms to shorten the long haul.

Nothing makes the highway smoother and more enjoyable than a good night’s sleep in a great bed in a comfortable room by a refreshing pool.

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  • $2.899

  • $3.099

  • $3.299

  • $3.379

    Travel Center Diesel
  • $3.279

    Fuel Center Diesel

Fill up.

Travel Center Grill and Deli

Big burgers, classic sandwiches, fresh salads—to sit and enjoy or grab and go. The Travel Center Grill and Deli is always relaxed and delicious.

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A year-round outdoor playground

Southwestern Wyoming is an adventureland of recreation and outdoor activities calling to you and your family. A night or two at Little America can help you answer it.

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